Mark Steele

Mark is the Managing Partner and Global Practice Head of Steele Staffing.  Mark has had an extremely successful business career having served in Executive Leadership positions for six corporations over the past 30 years.  His experience in human resources, business development, mergers & acquisitions and operating management of a multi-million-dollar business unit makes him uniquely qualified to understand what is required to run and grow a successful business.  He doesn’t just pontificate what it takes to make an organization great, he speaks from experience having succeeded in some of the same roles as his clients.  Mark understands what it takes to match the best talent to the best organizations and as a tribute many of his previous hires over the past 30 years are now C-Suite executives in some of the most successful organizations in America. 


Mark's work has focused at the C-Suite, General Management, and EVP/SVP/VP level functional leadership in Engineering, IT, Sales, Marketing, Logistics, Manufacturing, R&D, Finance and Human Resources.  Current clients include large multi-nationals, middle-market, and privately held companies who are looking for a trusted resource to help their organizations grow and prosper.

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